Heritage Double Glazing

Heritage double glazing

Do you own a property with sash windows and want to upgrade them with double glazing? With years of experience in restoring and modifying sash windows,The Heritage & Restoration Group  is well placed to offer our customers a complete heritage double glazing service. All services will be tailored to suit the needs of your property and its specific architectural style.

Why choose heritage double glazing?

Utility bills are rising every year, and it is becoming more and more expensive to heat up the ordinary home. If the costs of bills have shot up significantly in your home, your windows may be the key culprit behind this increase. Older sash windows are notorious for not being energy-efficient. We have found over the years that frames with sash windows shrink over time; this causes gaps that let in cold spells and draughts.

All heritage double glazing units supplied by our customer are fitted to meet the specifications of your property and will provide years of valuable service. Our heritage double glazing is a wonderful investment that will make your home more comfortable to live in and will help reduce utility bills.

By choosing The Heritage & Restoration Group , you will be able to retain the original features of your original sash windows but have them updated with the latest modern technology. We use 12mm heritage double glazing window units that are perfect for properties with sash windows. The 12mm unit is renowned for its slim appearance and will provide all the benefits of double glazing and more. Every double glazing unit provided by the Sash Restoration Company will be of the highest quality and will give your property years of invaluable service.

All installations of heritage double glazing are carried out by our team of experts who have years of experience in converting and modifying sash windows to suit the needs of every customer. Regardless of your property size or age, you can expect an unbeatable heritage double glazing service from our company and staff alike. The likelihood of failure will be rare in your new double glazing windows.

Benefits of heritage double glazing

  • Increased insulation in the home
  • Slim and sleek appearance
  • Will fit in your with the period look
  • Cost-effective investment

How do we install heritage double glazing?

At The Heritage & Restoration Group, we can install heritage double glazing for your property in two different processes. Prior to doing so, we will inspect your property and the windows you wish to be converted; after the inspection has been completed we will give you our recommendations.

The first process which is the preferred method at our company is to convert your existing sash windows into double glazed units. This is a very fast method and can be conducted on your property and completed in no time. However not all sash windows can be converted into double glazing units due to the age of the windows, deterioration or other factors. Instead, the team at The Heritage & Restoration Group will measure your windows and create new sash windows units at our joinery; installation will follow at a later date.

Areas covered

  • Hampshire
  • Dorset
  • Wiltshire

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